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Rishton Pharmacy
42 High Street
Blackburn BB1-4LA

Proprietor: Bhupendra Kotecha

Tel: 01254-883 831

Rishton Pharmacy is a family business. We are half-way between Blackburn and Burnley, on the main road. So if you commute between those two lovely towns, why not make a habit of taking your prescriptions to us. Parking is easy. Give us your prescription on your way out and, if you have no time to wait for us to assemble your huge list of medicines and health-giving vitamins and minerals, collect them on your way back.

We sell all the usual prescription medicines, over the counter stuff, birth control products, condoms, the morning-after pill, devices which help to give pain relief, a large range of homeopathic remedies, pregnancy testing kits, diabetes testers, tooth-brushes and sugar-free chewing gum, hair care products, anti-ageing products, relief for the common cold, and a variety of health books.

And if we don't have what you want, ask and we may be able to order it.

We give health advice within the limits of our competence.

Photographic developing and printing machineWe also have this wonderful machine which turns out photographic prints of your digital photographs within the hour, and at very competive prices. Bring your photographs on CDs, any of the common memory chips, including USB memory sticks. You can select, preview and edit them on a monitor attached to our machine. The image will be produced on proper photographic paper and therefore be much better than what you can produce yourself on a colour ink-jet printer. We give generous discounts for quantity orders, so you can afford to send your best holiday or wedding photographs to all your friends.

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