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Sugarfree chewing gum

chewing gum
chewing gum
chewing gum

We sell Wrigley's sugarfree chewing gums:

  • Orbit
  • Extra
  • Airwaves

and several other brands.

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  • Chewing gum tastes nice.
  • Chewing sugarfree gum helps prevent tooth decay.
  • Chewing helps neutralise plaque acid and strengthens teeth against decay.
  • Saliva is nature's defence against dental decay. Chewing helps to stimulate the flow of saliva.
  • Children's teeth can also benefit from chewing sugarfree gum.
  • Dry mouth (sometimes a side-effect of prescription drugs) can be combatted by chewing sugarfree gum.

Chewing gum should NEVER replace the recommended tooth brushing routine. It should only be used in addition to it and when using a tooth brush is impracticable.

We also sell tooth brushes and toothpaste. go to top

packet of chewing gum
  toothbrush with toothpaste  
packet of chewing gum

The story of chewing gum:


Chewing gum information for kids:


Recycled chewing gum is not made of old cycle tyres go to top

Rishton Press Agency, 23 Sep 2003 -

President Bush of America and President Chirac of France met at the UN today. Chirac's objective was to mend the rift that had developed over the Iraq war. Bush was lusting for revenge.

Baguette and condomn with smiley face

At breakfast they were sharing a crisp baguette. President Bush finds it too hard and its shape too embarrassing. So he takes a piece of chewing gum instead.

He asks President Chirac: "You Frogs (or was it Pakis?), when you eat bread, do you eat all of it?"

Animation: frog hopping left and right across the screen

"Mais oui! Of course! Coa-coa."

"Well," says Bush proudly, "we only eat the soft part of it. The rest we collect in containers, take it to a factory and put it through a mill. What comes out we turn into cream-crackers that we sell in France."

Illustrations from Max and Moritz - Miller empties two naughty boys from sack into grain mill Naughty boys have disappeared into mill funnel. Ground boys (boys meal) come out of bottom end of mill Boys meal on floor in shape of former naughty boys

"And what about steaks?" Bush continues. "Do you eat all parts of them?"

"Bien sûr! We do," replies Chirac.

"You don't say!" says Bush, grinning as only he can. "We don't! We only eat the lean part of the steak. The fatty part we collect in containers, take it to a factory, put it through a mill, and turn it into mad beefburgers that we sell in France."

Scantily dressed girl snapping condom between her fingers

Now Mrs Chirac gets tetchy. So she asks, "And what do Americans do with their French letters when they have done with them, coa-coa, coa-coa?"

"Hey man, we throw them out of the car window, of course," says Mrs Bush.

"Bon!" exclaims Mrs Chirac. "We collect them in containers, take them to a factory and put them through a mill. What comes out is protein-enriched chewing gum that we sell to Americans!"

(As retold by Klaus Bung: © KB)

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