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Herbal hair care - Natural hair care

Are you concerned about toxic chemical products on your child's hair?

Try KINcare: 'The Natural Solution’ for ‘problem’ hair

  • KlNcare: the essential alternative to chemicals for children’s hair
  • It does not contain organophosphates, pesticides or alcohol
  • A unique non-toxic solution made from natural herbs such as knotweed
  • Gentle, pleasant fragrance yet effective for clearing away unwanted ‘trouble’
  • Mild enough for use by asthmatics, diabetics, nursing mothers and pregnant women
  • Use with KlNcare herbal conditioner to leave hair soft, shiny and easier to comb

How to use KiNcare

The instructions are simple and practical:
Wet the hair thoroughly and use KlNcare natural solution - as a shampoo for three consecutive days, leaving the lather on the hair for fifteen minutes. Thoroughly rinse out the solution and carefully comb.

After the initial application KINcare should be used once, or ideally, twice a week for sustained benefit.

KINcare comes in a 250-ml plastic bottle, enough for approximately 25 applications.

Price: £xxx

KINcare herbal conditioner costs: £xxx

What is KINcare made of?

KINcare is made of tried and tested ingredients including the organically grown, edible plants knotweed (polygonum), carrot (daucus), parsley (petroselinum) and potatoe (solanum). These ingredients have been giving benefit to users for centuries without ill effects. KINcare does not contain insecticides.

Some people have used KINcare successfully in order to combat headlice. But we are not allowed to advertise that usage because it has not been specifically tested for that purpose.

Have you heard this one?

What do you call lice on a bald man's head?



What did the head lice say to the other head lice?

You wait here - I'll go on a head!


What do you call a top pop group made up of nits ?
The lice girls.

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